Daily Archives: April 18, 2017

Isha Dalal Gives Connecticut a Voice

Isha Dalal, a seventeen-year-old senior at Trumbull High School, is the creator and founder of the organization CT Voice. CT Voice has the goal of getting teens involved in making social change–whether it’s issues like illiteracy or lack of education, like the organization is working on currently, or cyber bullying and other social issues. Isha […]

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Kennedy Williams Empowers Young Women Through Girl Scout Sisterhood

Kennedy Williams, a student from Glastonbury, Connecticut, has an abundance of accomplishments for a woman of her young age. The high schooler from Glastonbury High School has been a Girl Scout since the age of four, initially drawn to the caring and supportive environment of the organization. In the past few years, Kennedy has earned […]

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Leadership, Girl Scouts, and Community with Alexis Volpe

Alexis Volpe, a senior from Middletown, Connecticut, is doing some awesome things.   The seventeen-year-old has been a Girl Scout since she was little, and the organization has enabled her to be a leader and impact her community in many positive ways.   Alexis has accomplished a multitude of things. As of now she serves as a Girl […]

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