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Protecting reproductive rights will be a 2018 legislative priority

By Lauren Pizzoferrato

The latest attempts to limit women’s reproductive freedom are strong and frequent but so is the push back.

The 45th anniversary of Roe vs Wade (the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion for the entire country) was celebrated on January 22nd 2018.

Not far from this date on January 29th, the Senate voted on legislation that had passed in the House to ban abortion past 20 weeks.

The ban did not pass in the Senate, thanks to Senators such as Connecticut’s own Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy.

Many Connecticut legislators will continue to advocate for expanding reproductive rights in our state and protect us from any changes that may take place on a federal level that threaten these rights. As you may recall, last year Connecticut failed to pass SB586, a bill that would have continued to protect insurance coverage of services such as co-pay free birth control, should the Affordable Care Act be repealed. Here is a list of what coverage is currently mandated by the ACA.

For this legislative session, an even stronger and better bill that aims to protect reproductive rights and guarantee continued insurance coverage will be proposed in Connecticut. Additions to the bill include stopping Crisis Pregnancy Centers from their practice of false advertising.  

Stay tuned for updates regarding activism opportunities to support this legislation.

Lauren Pizzoferrato serves at Connecticut NOW’s representative on the Connecticut Coalition for Choice. To learn more, please email her at lapizzoferrato@gmail.com.

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The Humane Society Has No Humanity

NOW Calls For Firing of Humane Society CEO

A statement by NOW President Toni Van Pelt:

In a shocking abdication of moral authority, The Humane Society has voted to keep CEO Wayne Pacelle in his job even after an internal investigation corroborated three complaints of sexual harassment against him. The group also offered settlements to three other workers who spoke out about Pacelle’s misconduct and were demoted or dismissed.

Like Donald Trump, the Humane Society is engaged in a cover up in plain sight. Instead of trying to enable a sexual abuser, they should dismiss him. Instead of making excuses, they should be making reparations. Instead of silencing or attacking women who’ve suffered abuse, and those who defend them, the Humane Society should change its own culture.

The Humane Society needs to know this. Women are watching. We know when a charity deserves our support, and when it fails the most basic obligations of trust.

The Humane Society has no humanity. Fire Wayne Pacelle. Do it now.

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