Purses Snatched While Pumping Gas

Many women are brought up in a culture teaching us to be aware of our surroundings. No one wants to fear their daily environment – but I think we can agree that a certain amount of awareness is necessary.

While men may not have as many threats to their safety and security, I am not under the bias that this is a ‘women’s only’ issue. However, when it comes to purses, it is primarily women who are on the lookout and men on the prowl.


When you go to the gas station, where do you leave you purse?

 Your wallet?

Your keys?

Do you lock your door?

Do you watch your car or the meet racking up your hard earner pennies?


Not to give you one more thing to add to you caution list, but you need to watch this . I know it changed my perspective and actions.

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