ACTION ALERT: Support the appointment of Justice Andrew McDonald NOW

Dear Connecticut NOW Members and Friends:

The Connecticut Senate Judiciary Committee needs to hear our voices, and our state legislators need to hear from their constituents!

Do you remember Merrick Garland and how the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate refused to hold a vote during President Obama’s last year in office? A similarly disturbing scenario is happening here in Connecticut within the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Governor Malloy has nominated Justice Andrew McDonald to be Chief Justice of Connecticut. Justice McDonald is an accomplished and respected jurist with over two decades of experience. He is respected by the legal community in Connecticut, is known as a brilliant lawyer, and has served as both a Connecticut State Senator and Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court.

Despite his lengthy resume, experience as an attorney and judge, respect from within the legal community, endorsements by the Connecticut State Bar Association, and the support of two law schools, Justice McDonald’s nomination is in jeopardy. Several ultra-conservative, anti-choice and homophobic groups are actively working to prevent the hearing that would move his nomination forward.

Sound familiar?

We cannot allow conservative extremists to control Connecticut politics. Before the vote scheduled for this coming Monday, Feb. 26. call and email your state representative, state senator and members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, telling them that you support the appointment of Andrew McDonald as Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court.

Click here for Connecticut Judiciary Committee members’ contact information.

Click here to find your state legislators’ contact information.

Click here for talking points about Justice Andrew McDonald

You can make a difference in ensuring that a justice who is truly just receives the appointment he deserves, while at the same stopping the potential advancement of hate ideology.

Thank you,

Kate Hamilton Moser

Connecticut NOW Vice President of Legislative Action

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