CT NOW ACTION ALERT: Ask your legislator to support SB 586!

It is imperative that before the current Connecticut General Assembly session ends in June, our state legislators vote to support Senate Bill 586: An Act Expanding Health Benefits for Women, Children and Adolescents.

If Congress votes to repeal the ACA and replace it with the latest version of the AHCA – something that could take place any day – states would be allowed to slash essential health benefits like maternity care, and insurers would be allowed to charge people with pre-existing conditions excessively high amounts for coverage.

We need our state legislators to take action on SB 586 IMMEDIATELY, which for Connecticut residents would protect essential preventive, and other health services, that currently exist in the ACA.

Contact your state representative and state senator today, and tell them you want SB 586 passed before the end of the session.

Shared by the Connecticut Coalition for Choice — of which CT NOW is a proud member — reasons for passing SB 586: An Act Expanding Health Benefits for Women, Children and Adolescents include:

  • In Congress, politicians have been working overtime to rip healthcare away from Americans, eliminate no co-pay birth control for 55 million women, and shut down Planned Parenthood. Together, these policies would be devastating to women’s health care in this country.
  • The fact that the House ACA “repeal-replace” effort has failed to date, does not mean that opponents of the ACA won’t continue to attempt to muster the votes for a repeal. They’re considering planning alternatives that include eliminating essential preventive benefits including maternity care, and establishing “high risk pools”— among other cutbacks.
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, has broad regulatory authority to negatively impact aspects of the ACA including the essential preventive benefits, whether or not Congress votes.  Price has worked for years to defund Planned Parenthood and does not support the contraceptive benefit.
  • A contraceptive equity bill in Connecticut is a critical step to ensure access to contraception without copays, whether or not the ACA is repealed.  This bill is important both for the health and financial well-being of the women of Connecticut.
  • No single state bill can replace all of the reform measures provided under the AC, including preventive care without cost sharing. This bill is a critical step. We are grateful to have bipartisan support from both the Connecticut Senate and House.

Let’s do this NOW!

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