Leadership, Girl Scouts, and Community with Alexis Volpe

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Alexis Volpe

Alexis Volpe, a senior from Middletown, Connecticut, is doing some awesome things.


The seventeen-year-old has been a Girl Scout since she was little, and the organization has enabled her to be a leader and impact her community in many positive ways.


Alexis has accomplished a multitude of things. As of now she serves as a Girl Board Member on the Girl Scouts of Connecticut Board of Directors. Additionally, she is the president of her school’s Future Business Leaders of America club, and is in the process of starting a Girl Scout Daisy troop in her town so that she can continue being involved in Girl Scouts after high school.


Her proudest memories include earning her Gold Award, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. She worked for two years on the project–putting in eighty-five hours of hard work. The project focused on putting on a fashion show for disabled students, and it ended up wonderfully, with an inclusive and fun show. Everyone had lots of fun!


Not only has Volpe earned her Gold Award, but in 2015 she also won Miss Stamford’s Outstanding Teen, and in 2016 Miss Middletown’s Outstanding Teen. Miss CT is a scholarship organization that awards students with awards based on community service and other admirable achievements.


In facing challenges in leadership, Alexis is no stranger. For example, in sophomore year, Alexis was told by many of her peers that she couldn’t be section leader of the percussion section of her school’s band. She persevered, as the only girl in percussion, and is now section leader.


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By Joely Feder

As for her future, Alexis is looking to stay in Connecticut, continuing band into college and retaining leadership positions in Girl Scouts and her community. Her best advice for young girls looking to do awesome things: Do what you want to do and ignore any stereotypes thrown in your way.


Here at CT NOW, we think that’s some good advice! Be you and persevere, by doing this you will achieve whatever you set out to do.


Let’s honor this outstanding teen!


Joely is a high school intern for Connecticut NOW. Her interests include intersectional feminism, women’s literature, YouTube, and documentaries such as, “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry.” Joely also runs CT NOW’s Twitter and Instagram.


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