In the Name of Feminism… Be Conscious About Dairy.

By Gina Atanasoff

There’s no question about it: a mother’s love is unparalleled to any other bond, even from the day we are conceived. After carrying us for nine long months, from the moment we are born, through childhood obstacles, high school heartbreaks, and any other struggle we may have in life: our moms are always there to love and support us.

Regardless of species, whether human, dog, cow, or even horse, a maternal bond exists between mother and child. Love is universal.

I know what you’re thinking.

“Okay, so what on earth could dairy have to do with feminism? I love cheese with my wine, ice cream on a hot day, and cream in my coffee! Pairing dairy with feminism simply makes no sense.”

So, imagine this. Imagine you’re pregnant and expecting your child to be born at the hospital tomorrow. You have your husband, your family, and friends surrounding you. After nine months, you are already filled with unparalleled love for your child before you even meet him/her. Then, once you have endured the exhausting and excruciating experience of delivering him/her into this world, as soon as you give birth, without a chance to even hold your precious baby, your baby is ripped away, loudly crying out for you, and is dragged into a slaughterhouse for a brutal murder.

Imagine the gut-wrenching feeling of your own flesh and blood being stolen from you the moment you give birth. Remember the cries and the screams. Don’t let go of that feeling.

To all of the mothers who are reading this, I know your heart hurts by simply imagining this horrific scenario.

Now, let’s rewind and imagine you were captured, repeatedly raped, over and over, giving birth over and over, only to have each baby taken away each and every time. Picture mothers impregnated and impregnated, and their babies yanked out, screaming, and dragged towards execution repeatedly for years on end. If they were human, do you think this would this be legal?

Then over time, once the mother cow is too exhausted, infertile, and cannot produce milk anymore, she is sent off to slaughter.

This is the dairy industry in a nutshell.

To get some more information, check out PETA’s website on the dairy industry here.

“My god, that is so horrific. Why have I never heard about this?”

What’s appalling about this form of mass production is not only the horrific practices taking place (and also how legal it is), but how little we as a public are aware of what occurs to millions of mothers and babies every single day. Brutal acts of rape, murder, and exploitation are taking place every single day.

Naturally, this doesn’t mean anyone is asking you to cut yourself off from dairy cold turkey. Don’t worry! Rather, it’s simply important to acknowledge the source of where our food products come from and how they are produced. Of course, us women all want to fight for feminism in any way we can. That cannot be disputed. But regardless of species, the mother-child bond is unbreakable and is brimming with love. You are already aware of this fact.

All it takes is a little bit of compassion and empathy to make an incredible change.

So, in order to save an extra life a day, perhaps cut back on the cheese pizza for dinner or the feta cheese on that salad– just once a week. Or even once a month. Be mindful of dairy, for the sake of feminism itself. Because weak, defenseless, and helpless mothers and babies are going through worlds of pain, suffering, and unimaginable atrocities on the other side of that milk carton in its most raw and brutal form.

And the world has no idea it’s even happening.

The Fields Beneath restaurant in the UK announces their reasons for “ditching dairy.”

But, there is hope.

In 2012 the Washington Post had published an article by Brad Plumer entitled: Americans are eating less and less meat. Plumer states, “According to a Department of Agriculture report, Americans are projected to eat 12.2 percent less meat in 2012 than they did 2007.” We think we cannot make a difference in this mass-produced brutality. We think our small decisions and heartfelt attempts at salvaging humanity for these creatures and their dignity go unnoticed.

But for each ice cream cone or macaroni and cheese meal that you skip, supply and demand will determine these mothers’ fates. Just as the trends with meat consumption between 2007 and 2012, there is hope for all the mothers and babies in the world of the dairy industry… If we can all reduce our intake.

With enough people who have a compassionate mindset behind this small, daily effort of consciousness, we can actually see the industry conform to our needs as consumers. This can determine the fates of countless vulnerable mothers and babies. This will save lives.

All in all, help her. Because you can. Every day, you choose what to put on your plate three times a day.

Help her, for the sake of feminism.


Gina is a member of Connecticut NOW and a senior political science and writing and rhetoric double major at the University of Rhode Island. Her interests involve women’s rights, animal welfare, immigration reform, environmental issues and foreign policy.

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