Several pro-choice bills coming up this legislative session

Photo from CT News Junkie

By Lauren Pizzoferrato

For the 46th Anniversary of Supreme Court Decision Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion nationwide, the CT Coalition for Choice held a press conference announcing proposed pro-choice legislation for this legislative session.

The bills, which have not all been assigned numbers yet, are:

  • Requiring insurance to cover abortions with no copay
  • Prevent Crisis Pregnancy Centers from deceptive advertising on a state level
  • Allow patients to opt out of the policy holder of their insurance from receiving the Explanation of Benefits, in order to protect their privacy
  • Reimburse Doulas through Medicaid
  • Reimburse Certified Nurse Midwives at the same rate as Ob/Gyns for medical services related to delivery
  • A nondiscrimination act to prevent employers from discriminating against employees on the basis of their reproductive healthcare choices

You can watch a video of the press conference from NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut’s Facebook page. The event was also covered by the CT Mirror and CT News Junkie.

If any of the above bills strike you as particularly important or would/could have directly affected your life, you may have the opportunity to have your voice heard.

Connecticut NOW will inform you if and when these bills make it to the stage where they have a public hearing. This is the step before they are voted on by your local legislators in the House and Senate. Sometimes hearings happen without much notice, so it is wise to start thinking now about how you would state your support for a specific bill. If you can’t make it to the public hearing in person, you can submit written testimony. Sharing a personal story, and then listing the reasons why you support the bill, can be very effective.

The email address to send testimony and the deadline change from bill to bill. Connecticut NOW will communicate this information to you.

Click here for the Connecticut General Assembly’s guide to the testimony process. It doesn’t mention that you can submit written testimony without speaking at the public hearing, but that is always an option.

Lauren Pizzoferrato is Connecticut NOW’s representative on the CT Coalition for Choice.

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