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Are You Ready to Bare It All?

Tired of feeling the pressures by the media, advertising execs, or the fashion industry that you’re not beautiful without make-up?  Do you have something to say about it?  Well maybe you need to boycott through Girlcott.

CT Girlcott is working to raise awareness about the representation of women in the media, the pressures women live with to look a certain way, the objectification of women, and the impact all of this has on our lives and the life of our nation and world as well as encouraging conversations among women about body image, definitions of beauty, and what cosmetics are really covering up.

They recently held a press conference to highlight the pressures on women, which you can read about here and here.  

The organization is looking for help with their blog and website, as well as women to have their make-up free portraits included in their online gallery.

Contact information is available, here.

You can check out more about the movement, here

As CT Girlcott founder Rabbi Donna Berman noted in an email to CT NOW about the movement, “This could be a huge part of what the ‘face’ of feminism looks like in 2013.” 

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