Testimony on HB 5416, An Act Concerning Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers

Testimony for March 20, 2018 Public Hearing, Committee on Public Health

Representative Steinberg, Senator Gerratana, Senator Somers, and distinguished members of the Public Health Committee:

My name is Lauren Pizzoferrato and I live in Wethersfield. I am writing on behalf of the Connecticut Chapter of the National Organization for Women. I testify in strong support of H.B. 5416 An Act Concerning Deceptive Advertising Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers.

CT NOW is a pro-choice organization, and we believe true reproductive choice can only exist without coercion.  Women already face a host of constraints when choosing whether or not to take a pregnancy to term. These constraints include the state of their finances, whether or not they have the support of a healthy partner, their own physical health and their religious beliefs.

For that reason, it is a public health issue when any women is denied this crucial choice because she has been deceived into receiving services from an organization that does not support her belief system.

If a woman is seeking an abortion, she should not be confused about where to get that care. HB5416 protects women from deception during what may be a difficult time during her life. It also lessens any delays should she need time-sensitive services, such as emergency contraception or prenatal care.

In conclusion, I strongly support H.B. 5416 to limit the deceptive advertising practices of crisis pregnancy centers in our state. I urge the committee to move forward with H.B. 5416.

Thank you for your time.

Lauren Pizzoferrato, and on behalf of the Connecticut chapter of the National Organization for Women.


Lauren Pizzoferrato serves as Connecticut NOW’s representative on the Connecticut Coalition for Choice.

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