Thank you, Sen. Blumenthal, for calling on Trump to stop and reverse his anti-woman agenda

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal: You are a hero and a champion for women.

The Connecticut chapter of the National Organization for Women applauds and thanks you for leading the effort in which 31 Senate Democrats sent a letter today to President Trump, calling on him to reverse his harmful anti-woman agenda and, instead, prioritize women’s access to health care, employment opportunities, and education domestically and around the world.

The senators reminded Trump that the ongoing threat his administration poses to reproductive rights and economic security has motivated women and men nationwide, and warned him that he can no longer ignore this groundswell.

“During the relatively short time since your inauguration, women and their families have been under a constant and unprecedented attack,” wrote the Senators. “While women have succeeded in fighting back against key aspects of your agenda thus far, there is no question that your leadership threatens to roll back decades of progress on women’s health and rights, as you have taken even standard Republican policies to a new and devastating extreme.”

In the letter, the Senators called it unacceptable that the Trump administration has caved to the most extreme anti-women’s health special interests by supporting defunding Planned Parenthood, including provisions in the Republican plan to repeal the ACA that harm women and their families specifically, reinstating an expanded version of the harmful global gag rule, working to fill the government with anti-choice voices, nominating to the Supreme Court a justice who could put Roe v. Wade at risk, signing a resolution eliminating important protections in the Title X family planning program, and much more.

“If your administration began to listen to the people it represents, you would reverse your harmful agenda and start to prioritize women’s access to health care, employment opportunities, and education domestically and around the world,” concluded the Senators. “We call on your Administration to do just that, and put the lives of women and working families ahead of ideological and partisan attacks.”

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