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Meet Lauren Pizzoferrato, CT NOW’s Representative to the Connecticut Coalition for Choice

Age: 32
Residence: Wethersfield
Occupation: TV broadcasting sales coordinator at Tribune Media
CT NOW member since: June 2016
Other previous feminist work/volunteer activities: Earned an MA in Women’s Studies from SCSU, have freelanced opinion pieces on feminist issues for the Hartford Courant
What made you want to take a leadership role on the Connecticut Coalition for Choice?: In 2012, I wrote my master’s thesis on the reproductive rights movement and its need to transform into a more inclusive reproductive justice movement. It’s really cool to see that actually happening five years later. I jumped at the chance to be a part of the Coalition. I view reproductive
rights as basic human rights that not only need to be protected, but enhanced.
Have you always been passionate about this issue?: I wasn’t passionate about it until after college. I experienced difficulty getting affordable healthcare coverage and started paying attention to the politics surrounding that issue. I had a hard time understanding the hostility towards women’s health care services, so I studied it. This is just one of the many issues that drew me into feminism.
Connecticut has always been a leader in reproductive choice and freedom. Is there really a risk that this could change here?: There is a lot at risk right now and it depends on our actions and the actions of CT elected officials to maintain CT’s status as a leader on this issue. We do have some special legislation in CT. For example, even if Roe vs. Wade were to be overturned, abortion would remain legal in CT. But, in regard to federal funding being lost to Planned Parenthood, that is a real threat. If we want CT to continue to be a leader on this issue, we need to move forward with protecting funding. We also need new legislation that would do things such as: make crisis pregnancy centers illegal (as California has), put a paid family leave policy in place, and enhance school sex education.
You also volunteer for CT NOW on Facebook, posting news and other interesting items to our page several times a week. Why do this too?: I enjoy helping with the Facebook page because I don’t get to use my education for my day job. I’m usually reading about feminist issues anyway, so why not share?
Interested in getting in touch with Lauren? Contact her at LAPizzoferrato@gmail.com.
Thank you Lauren for everything you do!!
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