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Paid family leave included in CT Democratic Values Agenda for 2018

By Nichole Berklas

Concurrently with the opening of the 2018 Legislative Session, Connecticut Democrats announced their Democratic Values Agenda. Key to the Democrats’ overall agenda for the 2018 Legislative Session is “supporting middle-class families and creating economic opportunities for everyone,” which provides, in part, a commitment for paid family leave.

Specifically, Democrats in the General Assembly have provided in the agenda that:

“Working families should not have to face the prospect of economic ruin when presented with serious family needs such as caring for a newborn, a spouse, or their parents.”

“The inability of employees to take paid time off to care for loved ones or themselves,” the agenda continues, “can leave them with no choice but to abandon family members in their time of need, or to neglect their own health.”

A commitment to solving this inhumane choice, they say, is “necessary and beneficial to our modern workforce.”

The Paid Family and Medical Leave Act, specifically called the “Act Concerning Earned Family and Medical Leave,” can be easily tracked as it has the same bill number as last year: SB-1! Introduced on Feb. 7 with the support of 12 State Senators, SB-1 has been referred to the Committee on Labor and Employees.

We will continue to provide updates on SB-1, as well as details of upcoming phone banks to support the passage of paid family leave, which will benefit all residents of Connecticut.

Nichole Berklas serves as Connecticut NOW’s representative to the Connecticut Campaign for Paid Family Leave.


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Hold the Abuser in Chief Accountable

A statement from national NOW President Toni Van Pelt:

In public, Donald Trump has nothing but praise for Rob Porter, calling him “wonderful,” “strong” and “innocent.” This is Donald Trump’s pattern. From Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly to Roy Moore and Mike Tyson, Trump ignores the accuser and portrays the accused as the real victim.

Donald Trump needs to know the consequences of his words and actions. Women and men around the nation who are in the throes of relationship violence cannot/must not be ignored or demeaned by anyone, and certainly not by the President of the United States. He has inexcusably defended the batterers and questioned the veracity of the victims in order to cater to his base. Polls show that even women in his “base” have just about had it with his disdain and misogyny. The elections this November will send the message.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline estimates that one in three women are abused in their lifetimes. We know that intimate partner violence can be a precursor to acts of murderous rage—the Boston Marathon bomber, the Pulse nightclub shooter, and the Sutherland Springs shooter all had histories of relationship violence.

Donald Trump’s White House is riven by a cover-up culture of men protecting men and disbelieving women. At least 19 women have come forward accusing Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, but the White House calls their accounts “false claims” and Kellyanne Conway said over the weekend they have “had their day.” In essence, “He won, you lost, so shut up.”

NOW supports Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s call for Congressional hearings to give Donald Trump’s accusers the “due process” Trump claims to uphold. What’s more, we need to hold the enabler-in-chief accountable for an upside-down culture where women who unmask sexual predators and perpetrators of domestic violence see their careers ruined, their livelihood threatened and their health compromised, while men get huge paydays for leaving the spotlight.

Furthermore, NOW renews our call for John Kelly to resign or be fired as Chief of Staff. And instead of appointing a crony like Mick Mulvaney or Chris Christie to replace him, NOW proposes that a strong, capable woman with a record that includes standing up for victims of domestic violence and abuse be selected to replace him.

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