Isha Dalal Gives Connecticut a Voice

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Isha Dalal

Isha Dalal, a seventeen-year-old senior at Trumbull High School, is the creator and founder of the organization CT Voice. CT Voice has the goal of getting teens involved in making social change–whether it’s issues like illiteracy or lack of education, like the organization is working on currently, or cyber bullying and other social issues. Isha began working on Voice at the end of her sophomore year, and now after about a year later, her organization is thriving.

The young innovator began working on the organization after she had been volunteering at a literacy center in New Haven. Here, she met a young boy who was very bright–though he did things like eat paper. Isha saw that he wasn’t reaching his full potential–and on top of this, his mom worked very long hours, fostering an environment where learning to read wasn’t easy. And thus, CT Voice began. To help on this endeavor, Isha got in touch with the State Commissioner of Education, who supported the idea completely. Now, Isha’s organization has collected upwards of 5,000 books through a book drive, and is currently fundraising, too.

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CT Voice at the State Capitol

Isha and her team of other volunteers have broadened the organization through platforms like social media and press. The book drive also raised awareness of CT Voice, too. All of this is thanks to young leaders like Isha, with a specific goal in mind and the perseverance to get it done. Not only this, but another aspect of Isha’s determination is to thank as well: getting the community involved! Isha has managed to get dozens of teens to take part in CT Voice, which allows it to thrive as there are constantly kids with new ideas, willfulness to help with projects, and volunteer in general!

In the future, we can expect to see things like a library on wheels from CT Voice, and in the next few years, we will also be looking out for what new issue this awesome organization is tackling next.

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By Joely Feder


Joely is a high school intern for Connecticut NOW. Her interests include intersectional feminism, women’s literature, YouTube, and documentaries such as, “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry.” Joely also runs CT NOW’s Twitter and Instagram.


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